We lead the industry in healthy and sustainable solutions utilizing our outstanding
innovative technology within the food and nutrition market

We are the No. 1 Global Total Solutions Provider
in the Food & Nutrition Industry

CJ Food & Nutrition Tech, CJ FNT, was recently established in 2022 to maximize the synergy between CJ BIO and
CJ FOODS. To remain at the forefront of future food ingredients, nutrition solutions, alternative proteins, and
cultured proteins, CJ FNT is continuously seeking out new challenges.

CJ Food & Nutrition Tech’s Mission & Vision

Our Mission
We enrich your healthier and
sustainable business with
customized solutions through
our outstanding innovative
Our Vision
Global total solutions provider
enabling healthier and
sustainable lifestyle

From the Head of CJ Food & Nutrition Tech

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"With our outstanding innovative technology
and the combined understanding of the
market and customer’s needs, CJ FNT
will become a Global Food & Nutrition
Total Solutions Provider”

CJ Food & Nutrition Tech is a newly established business
unit that is defined under four core engines of CJ Group’s
future growth initiative, Culture, Platform, Wellness, and Sustainability (C. P. W. S).

Since the development of the CJ FNT unit, we have grown at an incomparable rate. In order to bring maximum synergy and efficiency to the market, we have integrated our platform technologies and business insights, which were developed over the years from both B2B and B2C markets.

The Food & Nutrition Tech business unit produces the world’s best green bio products including our globally ranked no.1 Nucleotides (CJ TIDE™). Within the portfolio, customers will find our different solutions platform, starting with the Premium Savory Solutions TasteNrich® and FlavorNrich™, as well as our Specialty Nutrition Solutions WellNrich™ and ActiveNrich™.

Furthermore, to be at the forefront of innovation, we are strategically investing in the research & development, which includes alternative and cultured protein, moving us forward to become global no.1 total solution provider in the food and nutrition industry.

We will continue to challenge ourselves to deliver healthy and sustainable solutions to our customers. We promise to constantly develop, innovate, and lead the market to provide valuable products and services.

Thank you.

Lance Choi , Head of CJ Food & Nutrition Tech

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