We lead the Sustainable Future of BIO by possessing the world’s very best technology and competitiveness.

A leading World-Class Green BIOTECHNOLOGY Company

Having started out with its production of MSG in 1964,
the company has enjoyed accelerated growth as it accumulated fermentation technology.

With more than 60 year’s history since the first production of savory flavor enhancement
CJ BIO has used knowledge of fermentation technology to grow their business for the benefit
of customers and consumers around the globe.

Now effectively using this knowledge of specialized microbial resources CJ BIO advances proprietary
fermentation technology to produce amino acids for feed and food, savory flavors and seasoning materials,
and plant based protein ingredients.

CJ BIO's Global Bio Production Platform
11 factories in 6 countries (China, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA and Vietnam)
ShenYang - Lysine, Valine
Liaocheng - L-Lysine, Nucleotide
Ningbo - Amino Acid
Foshan - FSBM
Vung Tau - FSBM
Kerteh - L-Methionine
Jombang - Food Additives
Pasuruan - L-Lysine
Iowa - L-Lysine
Goias - SPC
Piracicaba - L-Lysine


Our Mission
Create a Better World
with Biotechnology
Our Vision
Beyond Taste & Nutrition,
Make a Sustainable & Healthy Tomorrow

From the Head of CJ BIO

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CJ BIO is actively leveraging its
tremendous, World -class bio
technology and global platform

CJ BIO provides superior products and solutions meeting customer’s needs, based on first class ecofriendly biotechnology and a unified worldwide network. We produce several/many Global No.1 bio products, accomplished with outstanding microbial fermentation technology developed over 60 years.
These No.1 bio products include nucleic acids, and amino acids lysine, tryptophan, and valine.

We will continue to expand our business through next generation biotechnologies to be recognized as the leader in specialty nutrition. As such we intend to be the No. 1 Global Company responsible for Nutrition & Health of both humans and animals.

CJ BIO is building a stable business model based on vertical integration, from efficient feed production to management of breeding with distribution of excellent breeding stock, , through process and logistics of livestock products.

Our business shall contribute a stable income growth for farmers, and develop the feed and livestock industry in Korea and beyond, by seeking mutual growth with independent business. World class R&D skills provide worldwide scientific product design and differentiated technical services. Furthermore, we steadily expand the business in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, as well as China.

CJ BIO intends to leap forward to be the truly global No. 1 bio company fulfilling the nutritional and health requirements of humans and animals.

We appreciate your continued interest and support for our products, and will return your trust with even more beneficial products and services.

Thank you.

Yunil Hwang Ph.D. , Head of CJ BIO

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