We lead the Sustainable Future of BIO by possessing the world’s very best technology and competitiveness.

A leading World-Class Green BIOTECHNOLOGY Company

Having started out with its production of MSG in 1964,
the company has enjoyed accelerated growth as it accumulated fermentation technology.

With more than 60 year’s history since the first production of savory flavor enhancement
CJ BIO has used knowledge of fermentation technology to grow their business for the benefit
of customers and consumers around the globe.

Now effectively using this knowledge of specialized microbial resources CJ BIO advances proprietary
fermentation technology to produce amino acids for feed and food, savory flavors and seasoning materials,
and plant based protein ingredients.

CJ BIO's Global Bio Production Platform
11 factories in 6 countries (China, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA and Vietnam)
ShenYang - Lysine, Valine
Liaocheng - L-Lysine, Nucleotide
Ningbo - Amino Acid
Foshan - FSBM
Vung Tau - FSBM
Kerteh - L-Methionine
Jombang - Food Additives
Pasuruan - L-Lysine
Iowa - L-Lysine
Goias - SPC
Piracicaba - L-Lysine


Our Mission
Create a Better World
with Biotechnology
Our Vision
Beyond Taste & Nutrition,
Make a Sustainable & Healthy Tomorrow

CEO Message

ceo 이미지

CJ BIO is actively leveraging its
exceptional, world-class BIO
technology and global bases


I am Seok Hwan Yoon, the Chief Executive Officer of CJ BIO.

CJ BIO provides the world-class eco-friendly BIO technologies with high quality products and solutions through its global bases.

CJ BIO division oversees the Animal Nutrition & Health business using exceptional fermentation and refinement technologies. By strengthening its technological capabilities and improving cost competitiveness in productivity, CJ BIO has achieved a dominant position in the global feed amino acid market. Its BIOTECH technology, a crucial and eco-friendly capability derived from nature itself, plays a vital role in promoting the sustainability of human life and fostering a healthier global environment.

Furthermore, as leading the Animal Nutrition & Health industry with high-value amino acids, we are also strategically expanding into the White BIO and Red BIO business. The White BIO business focuses on biodegradable materials, while the Red BIO business deals with microbiomes. These expansions leverage our expertise in micro-based technology and capabilities, which we have accumulated through our amino acid production.

With recent changes in consumer awareness, rapid technological advancements, and the rise of new business keywords such as ESG, the BIO industry is anticipated to experience an expanded field of opportunities.

The BIO division at CJ CheilJedang is committed to grow as leading BIO company, revitalizing the natural material market, fostering accelerated innovation in material development in response to ESG, expanding our business portfolio, and pursuing various other initiatives to establish a sustainable and healthy future.

Thank you.


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