Live Natural, Live New

Live Natural, Live New

CJ YOUTELL possesses excellent strain improvement technologies and production platforms,
which form the basis of the enzyme business. Furthermore, CJ YOUTELL have accumulated knowledge and
expertise in the field of blending enzyme technology, which can provide customer-oriented tailored solutions.
CJ YOUTELL, established by CJ's acquisition of Youtell, will become the global company that specializes
in enzymes and realizes customers value with a differentiated portfolio, based on its excellent strain,
biotechnology and solution capabilities.

Mono Enzyme


Phytase (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate phosphohydrolase) is any type of phosphatase enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of phytic acid (myo-inositol hexakisphosphate)- an indigestible, organic form of phosphorus that is found in grains and oil seeds – and releases inorganic phosphorus and myo-inositol which are then absorbed in animal GIT.

  • Resists to high temperatures and
    humidity, and can be used in various feed
    pelleting processes
  • Significantly reduces phosphate
    content of animal excrement and therefore
    environmental pollution

CJ YOUTELL Xylanase adds value to feed and farm animal performance, providing continuous and extensive benefits across the various species and feed types. It is designed according to characteristics of monogastric animal digestive systems. The product, endo-β-1,4-xylanase, hydrolyzes the non-starch polysaccharide, xylan.

  • Overcomes the dietary anti-nutritional
    factor xylan and reduce the viscosity of
    digesta as well as the incidence of diarrhea
  • Improves the utilization of xylan-rich
    feed ingredients wihle maintaining
    animal performance
  • Insensitive to XIP or TAXI inhibitor

β-Glucan which is found in most cereals consists of a linear chain of glucose units joined by both β-1,3 and β-1,4 linkages. CJ Youtell β-glucanase hydrolyzes the anti-nutritional factor, β-glucan, in feed and reduces the viscosity of digesta and diarrhea. Also, it promotes the growth of health-promoting bacteria in intestine.

  • Efficiently hydrolyzes the anti-nutritional
    factor β-glucan in feed and reduces
    the viscosity of digesta as well as the
    incidence of diarrhea
  • Releases oligosaccharides from β-glucan
    and enhances growth of health-promoting
    bacteria in intestine
  • Extends the use of unconventional fiber-rich
    feed raw ingredients and therefore
    reduces feed cost

Mannan is part of the hemicellulose fraction in plant cell walls. β-mannanase randomly catalyzes β-D-1, 4 mannopyranoside linkages in β-1,4 mannans into simple molecules like mannan-oligosaccharides and mannose. By eliminating the anti-nutritional factor mannan in feed, it can improve digestibility of legumes and increase nitrogen utilization.

  • Reduces the anti-nutritional
    factor, mannan, in feed ingredients
    and improve the digestibility of
    legumes, boost the immunity and
    antiviral ability and increase introgen
    utilization of the animals Also, it
    reduces the need for antibiotic usage in feeds
  • Breaks down plant cell wall,
    and facilitates the release
    of nutrients in the plant cell
    and improve energy
  • Reduces or avoids the
    compensatory renal growth
    and hypertrophy of digestive
    organs, and reduces the
    maintenance requirements of
  • Increases the utilization
    of by-product ingredients
    while maintaining animal
    performance and therefore
    reducing feed cost

CJ YOUTELL Protease is the feed enzyme with advanced technology targeting crude protein and anti-nutritional factors such as glycinin and β-conglycinin in the diet. It breaks down proteins into peptides and amino acids. Its supplementation enhances the protein and A.A.digestibility.

  • Breaks down proteins into peptides and
    amino acids. CJ YOUTELL protease is
    effective on an acidic condition of pH 3.0 to
    alkaline condition at pH 10.5

Compound Enzyme

For Layer
By overcoming dietary anti-nutritional factors and reducing the viscosity of digesta, the supplementation of
endogenous enzyme, FE808E, can save energy by 50-80 kcal/kg and increase the laying rate and average egg weight.

Trial report

  • The effects of FE808E on laying rate was demonstrated in layer trials.
  • FE808E diets showed improved laying rate compared to NC (-50kcal/kg diet), and same results with PC (positive control).
Laying Rate (%)
  • PC
  • NC (-50 KCAL/KG)
  • FE808 (100G/TON)
  • 90
  • 85
  • 80
  • 75
  • 70
  • 65
  • Wk4
  • Wk7
  • Total


Composition - FE808E, Xylanase, Cellulase, β-Glucanase, α-Galactosidase, β-Mannanase, α-Amylase, Acid Protease
FE808E Xylanase Cellulase β-Glucanase α-Galactosidase β-Mannanase α-Amylase Acid Protease
14,000 1,400 2,200 300 1,000 800 4,000
For Broiler
Expanding raw materials of formula diets, overcoming dietary anti-nutritional factors, and reducing
the viscosity of digesta with stable diet quality that saves energy 50-80 kcal/kg

Trial report

  • Compound enzyme for broiler, FE808B contains mainly xylanase.
  • To achieve better performance, thermostability of xylanase is the key factor.
  • At the temperature of 85°C for 5 min, the retention activity is 88%.
  • 100

  • 90

  • 88

  • 0%
  • 33%
  • 66%
  • 100%
  • Control 85°C / 3min 85°C / 5min


Composition - FE808B, Xylanase, Cellulase, β-Glucanase, β-Mannanase, α-Amylase, Acid Protease
FE808B Xylanase Cellulase β-Glucanase β-Mannanase α-Amylase Acid Protease
18,000 1,500 2,500 1,500 1,000 5,000
For Piglet
CJ YOUTELL FE906 enables piglets to adapt quickly to diets, overcome dietary anti-nutritional factors
and reduce the incidence of diarrhea by decreasing the viscosity of digesta.

Trial report

  • The effects of FE906 on growth performance was demonstrated in piglet trials.
  • Results showed the ADG and FCR were improved due to the elimination of the NSPs in the corn-soybean meal diet.
  • ADG (g)
  • FCR
  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
  • 600
  • 700 (g)
Control a
FE906 b
Comp.D ab
  • 1
  • 1.5
  • 2
  • 2.5
  • 3
  • 3.5


Composition - FE906, Xylanase, Cellulase, β-Glucanase, β-Mannanase, α-Amylase, Acid Protease, Lipase
FE906 Xylanase Cellulase β-Glucanase β-Mannanase α-Amylase Acid Protease Lipase
4,000 400 600 500 800 6,000 4,000

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