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Creative Enhancer from nature

‘Creative Enhancer from Nature’

CJ BIO boasts excellent strain improvement technologies and a production platform,
the very foundations of the enzyme business.
Furthermore, we can provide customer-centered, tailored solutions based on
our complex enzyme formulation technology and anti-nutritional factor analysis service.
CJ BIO is determined to become a global company that realizes high customer value
through its differentiated portfolio based on its excellent strain, biotech, customer diagnosis,
and solution technologies.

Single Enzyme


Phytase is a type of phosphatase that promotes the hydrolysis of indigestible phytic acid found in grains and seeds to release nutrients, phosphorus, and myo-inositol, allowing you to benefit from increased productivity and reduced feed costs.

  • Resists to high temperatures,
    so it can be used stably in
    various feed manufacturing processes.
  • Reduces phosphorus emissions in
    livestock manure, thus reducing
    environmental pollution.

Xylanase boosts productivity and feed efficiency, and ensures the efficient use of various raw materials. Xylanase lowers digesta viscosity by hydrolyzing xylan, a major anti-nutritional factor, and reduces feed costs by generating arabinoxylan oligosaccharides (AXOS), which act as prebiotics to improve gut health and increase nutrient utilization.

  • Enhances gut health by hydrolyzing xylan,
    an anti-nutritional factor in feed,
    to reduce digesta viscosity.
  • Increases the nutrient utilization of
    economical raw materials to ensure
    improved productivity
    and economic benefits.
  • Reduces carbon and nitrogen emissions
    in livestock manure,
    thereby reducing environmental pollution.

Mannanase boosts the digestibility of soybean meal and various alternative feedstuffs such as palm kernel meal and coconut meal, thereby increasing productivity and feed efficiency. In addition, it strengthens the immune system of livestock and improves gut health by generating mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) that act as prebiotics.

  • Improves immunity,
    thereby building up tolerance of
    infectious diseases.
  • Releases nutrients trapped
    in plant cell walls,
    maximizing productivity.
  • Reduces feed costs by increasing
    the efficiency of feedstuffs.

Protease not only maximizes livestock productivity by improving the protein digestibility of various feed materials, but also reduces nitrogen emissions in manure to increase the sustainability of livestock industry.

  • Reduces the production cost
    by increasing the efficiency of diverse animal
    and vegetable feed materials.
  • Reduces environmental pollution
    by reducing nitrogen emissions
    from livestock manure.

Compound Enzyme

We provide customized complex enzyme solutions by analyzing customer’s feed formulations
based on diverse enzyme portfolios and formulation technologies.
We can provide customer-oriented, tailored solutions based on
our anti-nutritional factor analysis service and artificial digestive system testing.
You can receive the most efficient enzyme complex through a diagnosis of feed formulations.

  • Customized enzyme diagnosis based on an analysis
    of the anti-nutritional factors contained in feed.
  • Increased productivity and reduced feed
    cost through complex enzyme solutions.

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