Bio-based eco friendly adhesive

Eco-Friendly Adhesive

DewEco is CJ BIO’s innovative adhesive material made of eco-friendly resources for the healthy and sustainable earth.
DewEco which has excellent adhesion and moisture retention, can be used in various industries such as environment, food, and lifestyles.

Where Does DewEco Come from?

CJ BIO produces natural amino acids and organic acids through its unique microbial fermentation process from
natural grains such as corn and rice. The complex of these two amino acids (natural amino acids, organic acids) is DewEco.

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DewEco Makes Our Life Better.

01. Dust-Free Environment

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DewEco can physically bind dust particles through its adhesion and moisture retention.
Combined dust becomes larger as they form clusters, and this action can reduce
the rate at which dust blow through the air. So DewEco can be utilized in Anti-desertification
planting agent, industrial dust, coal dust suppressant, etc.

02. Easy to Remove

DewEco has great adhesive property but also can be easily removable, and water-soluble.
So it has great effects in adhesives industry especially in eco-friendly fields.

03. Safe to Use

DewEco is made from natural raw materials, which are harmless to humans
compared to conventional chemical raw materials. So, DewEco can be used in human personal care
products like cosmetics, detergents, and deodorants based on moisturizing and adhesive effect.

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