Green Bio Solution for Plant Growth & Care

Responsibility for Environment

CJ BIO is responsible for the environment, the future and the health of mankind with environment-friendly
plant nutrition solutions. Plant nutrition made through microbial fermentation offer an alternative to the use
of excessive chemical pesticides and fertilizers that cause environmental problems. By pursuing harmony
between agriculture and the environment, we pursue the green bio business, which is responsible for not
only environmental issues but also agricultural productivity and agricultural safety.

Eco-Friendly Production Process

CJ BIO uses only clean raw materials that have been proven to produce plant amino acids.
Unlike hydrolyzed amino acids using animal by-products such as fur and leather, we use only plant sources
and carefully selected microorganisms that are free from animal welfare issues to produce amino acids for plants.

Plant Based Amino Acids from Nature

Fertilizer using L-amino acids produced by CJ BIO's excellent microbial fermentation technology provides
different functions from the general fertilizer. There are two kinds of Amino acids: L-form and DL-form.
Of the two, plants can absorb only L-amino acids. L-Amino Acids made by CJ BIO’s fermentation process are easy to absorb plants.
In particular, CJ BIO makes it possible to manufacture fertilizers containing only 100% absorbable L-type free amino acids.
Free Amino Acids :

An amino acid that is not connected to another amino acid. When amino acids are linked like chains, plants are hard to absorb.

Superiority of CJ BIO Plant Nutrition

Amino acids production process
General Amino Acids
for Fertilizser
  1. Animal byproducts
    (Feathers, leathers)
  2. Chemical
  3. DL-type /
    L-type Amino
    Acid Mixture
  4. Plants
    only Partially
Amino acids
for plants of CJ BIO
  1. Plant Materials
    (Sugar Cane, Corn)
  2. Microbial
  3. 100% L-type
    Amino Acids
  4. 100%
    by Plants
Crop Growth Functions of CJ BIO Amino Acids
  • Germination
  • Root Growth
  • Shoot Growth
  • Flowering
  • Stress tolerance
  • Fruiting
  • Ripening / Coloring
  • Yield increase

Biostimulants AMIBOOST

Strongly “BOOST” Growth with Custom Amino Acids

AMIBOOST is a high quality biostimulants that combines the best ratio of special amino acids specialized for plants. Improve the yield by designing various crops (grains, fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.) and by the growth stage. In addition, we have considered the convenience of sellers and users by producing products in accordance with local environment and standards.

Faster and more Efficient Growth with L-Amino Acids

AMIBOOST’s products using only free L-amino acids are faster and more efficient than conventional amino acid growth promoters.

Contains Various Growth Promoting Substances

It contains a large amount of Amino Acid and growth promoting substances such as Kelp and Humic and trace elements to promote the healthy growth of crops and improve the quality of harvest.

Organic-Based Fertilizer FERAMI

Economical Amino Acid Water Soluble Fertilizer

FERAMI is a water soluble fertilizer that can be sprayed at a great price. Contains substances useful for plant growth such as amino acids. In particular, the organic content is high, so the soil improvement effect is more excellent.

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