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TasteNrich®, Reveal Authentic Taste

Food industry has entered a new era of naturalness.
Consumers today are paying more attention to their health, depending on in large part what they eat every day.
Naturalness is a mainstream trend in the food industry driven by growing safety, trust, transparency and
sustainability requirements reflecting on consumers' preference. In the surge of natural demands,
consumers still desire the ultimate experience of taste, flavor and texture at once.

TasteNrich®, Natural Solution for Your Newest Business!

TasteNrich® is perfectly in line with the clean label solution for culinary applications.
From achieved clean label in ingredients to upgraded sensory appealing, TasteNrich® as the natural culinary solution
not only satisfies your consumer’s need for transparency, but also drives your business success.

Clean Label
  • No additives
  • E-number free

TasteNrich® is produced simply by a fermentation of
consumer-friendly and natural origin ingredients,
like vegetable sugars,with no artificial additives at all.
It is considered as the clean label made of recognizable
ingredients without artificial additives.

All Worry-Free
  • GMO-free, Allergen-free
  • Animal-free, 100% vegan
  • Kosher and Halal

TasteNrich® assures worry-free claims such as GMO-free,
allergen-free and animal-free with certified Kosher and Halal.
It gives customers more transparency on the origin and
on the process, to be able to trust what they eat.

  • Low salt content (sodium < 2%)
  • Strong enhancement of saltiness

TasteNrich® enables you to create healthier and tastier
foods even with less sodium intake. TasteNrich®,
which is intrinsically low-sodium by itself, contributes
salt reduction by intensifying salty taste in savory food.

  • Perfect Balance to food products
  • Natural Umami building block

As a natural umami block, TasteNrich® helps you build
well-balanced and complete taste profiles in a wide
range of culinary applications such as bouillons, sauces,
snacks, seasoning blends, meat products and more.

  • Made from plant
  • Environmentally friendly process

TasteNrich® as a unique vegan ingredient effects
positively to realize the innovative challenge
for meat alternative.


Explore Authentic Flavor of the World with TasteNrich®

Asian Cuisine

TasteNrich® creates food choices that people around the world can truly enjoy,
whatever the local preference across Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa and Australia.

  • Kimchi stewImparts brothy taste and
    stimulate more spicy and fresh
    kimchi flavor
  • Gyudon Harmonizes grilled beef flavor
    and cooked soy sauce
  • Tom yam goong Enhances tomato flavor, sourness
    and freshness of herb
  • Beef stew Provides deep brothy flavor and
    beef note with long-lasting effect
  • Sausage Gives more meaty and
    smoked flavor and makes juicier
  • Seafood paella Brings out taste of ocean and
    more flavorful tomato and spices

CJ BIO Savory History

CJ's Delicious Solution, Leads the Global Savory Ingredients Market

CJ, a global food company, shares its' value with higher deliciousness with cost-effectiveness. CJ BIO has been a world leading
bio-company to produce amino acids and nucleotides which are key building blocks for the savory solution. Especially,
CJ nucleotide business reached to a world No.1 M/S makes them take the most reliable supplier in the bio industry.

TasteNrich® is the newest natural culinary solution platform in line with the clean label trend.
Introduction of this innovative ingredient was possible thanks to CJ’s world leading
fermentation technology based on 40 years of experience with innovation and investment
in R&D for the latest consumer demand. Today it's well received in the market and serving
worldwide consumers by helping them create their own clean label solution.

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